EN MASSE @ NYC x Fountain Art Fair


March 2012, En Masse hit the road again, and this time the destination was the Big Apple for the New York City’s annual Armory Arts Week. Armory Week is a cornerstone of the visual arts community’s annual calendar, and we were thrilled to be able to strut our stuff there, earn new fans and find new friends to play with on the wall and on Johnny Leo’s van.

A crew of Montreal En Masse veterans geared up for a whirlwind of black-and-white collaborative craziness, joined by worthy converts acquired in Miami and total newcomers from NYC and Japan as well. We broke out the brushes and paint at the home-turf NYC edition of the Fountain art fair.

We love the Fountain folks and their fresh and vital approach to contemporary art — truly our brothers and sisters across the border. This year, they’ve invaded the sturdy old 69th Regiment Armory — the very space that Armory Week is named after, and the place where in 1913, the original Armory Show unleashed the new wave of “modern art” on America. We’ve walked into history, folks! See you next year!